Laiško rašymo etiketas

by Niekutis 2. October 2010 23:22

Viename žurnale prajuokino perskaitytos 10 el. pašro rašymo taisykliu. Iš tikro reiktu visiems ju laikytis. Galite jas perskaityti orginalo kalba:

1. If you are sending an e-mail to multiple people, put their e-mail addresses in the BCC field and your own email address in the To: field. No one likes to share their private e-mail address with strangers.

2. The e-mail subject should be detailed enough to give the recipient an idea about the email content without having to open it. Single words like “Hi” or “Hello” or “Help” are a strict no-no. Think of meaningful but short titles.

3. Do not attach large attachments in your email since not everyone is on a broadband connection. If you have to send a large file over email, upload it to file sharing services like Yousendit and then pass on the link in the email.

4. If you have to e-mail more than two documents as attachments, zip them in one file. Doing this would ensure that the reciepient won’t miss downloading any file.

5. Do not write an e-mail while you are drunk or in a really bad mood. It will reflect on the style of your writing.

6. Do not request a Read Notification Receipt.

7. Always reply to e-mails especially the ones specifically addressed to you. The sender is waiting to hear from you.

8. Keep you e-mail message short and to the point. Sentences like “I hope this email finds you alive and well” look good only in letter correspondence.

9. Do not hit the Send button without doing a spell check. An e-mail with spelling mistakes or grammatical errors indicate that you have written the message in a non-serious mood and may convey a bad impression. Always read the message before broadcasting it to the world.

10. You may want to remove your personal mobile number and office number from your email signature if you are participating in a big mailing list. You never know the kind of people who have subscribed to the list.

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A-to-Z links to websites featured in this issue of Web User September 2010

by Niekutis 1. October 2010 23:20

1Scan photo-scanning service 63
ADrive Basic 35
Android store 43
AOL News 12
Asterisk Key 57
Atom Films 36
AVG Free 62
AVG Remover tool 62
Bing keyword search 58
BleachBit 38
Blinkbox 36
Bloglines 46
Box Lite 35
Canon CanoScan 5600F 63
Carbonite 4.0 50
Channel 4’s Film4 36
Chester Zoo 15
Chick Video Joiner 23
Classic Cinema Online 36
ClearCloud 58
ClearCloud set-up 58
CloudMagic 40
Custom Post Type UI plug-in 67
Dealtastic 12
DeskNotes 39
Digg 14
Dirpy Studio 25
Divvyus 13
Dragontape 14
Dropbox 34
Dropbox beta 34
e-book format comparison guide 29
Edam 13
Europe by Eurostar 14
Exterminate 48 41
Feedingo 45 46
Free Commander 41
Free Documentaries 36
Gap 16
Genie Timeline Free 54
GoCarShare 16
GOM Player 63
GOM Player tips 63
Google 10,42
Google Chrome 62
Google Goggles 43
Google Maps 58
Google Maps reset 58
Google Reader 44
Grindstone 2 38
Grolsch 14
Hide In Picture 28
HTC Home for Windows 2.0 41
IDrive Basic 35
iMovieTube 37
iStockphoto 15
Jaman 37
Jolicloud 59
Konkura 12
Libox app 41
Libox software 41
Long URL Please Firefox add-on 57
Long URL Please homepage 57
LoveFilm 37
MailWasher Pro 62
MaxMax 39
Metahyper 35
Movies4Men 36 32 64
Netvibes 45
Norton Internet Security 2011 48
Norton Online parental control 49
Note-It 39
Nudo 39
Onbile 60
Online cancellation rights 20 e-book converter 29
Open Handset Alliance 42
Panda Global Protection 2011 5
Pet Supermarket 13 21 at Twitter 21
Photoshop Express for Android 41
Picasa 26
PNotes 39
Remember The Milk app 41
Runtime Software’s GetDataBack 63 56
Spirit of Nature 15
Start 3D 30
Sugar Rush 18
Tabbloid 31
TalkTalk Forum 20
Tech Support Forum 63
Teeth Whitening Products 16
The Caribbean Food Centre 16
The Internet Archive 36
The Internet Archive Film Noir 36
The Marine Guide 15
The Social Network 16 32 14
Thunderbird 62
TimeComX 38
TweetDeck User Streams Preview 40
Value My Stuff Now 15
View Thru extension 57
VLC media player 63
Windows gadgets 63
Windows Live SkyDrive 35
WordPress 3.0 66
Yahoo keyword search 58
YouTube 25
YouTube movies 36
ZoneAlarm Free Firewall 57



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